Nugget Ice If you’re gonna do ice, you gotta do it right. Our nugget ice ensures your drinks stay colder, longer while delivering a satisfying crunch that pairs perfectly with our signature drinks.

Cream Experience creamy perfection with our trio of options: Whipped Cream, Half-and-Half, and Dairy-Free Coconut Cream. All crafted to enhance any Sip Soda.

Juices Add a refreshing twist to your Sip Soda with a splash of one of our juices.

Soda The base of our custom drinks, soda provides that satisfying fizz. Pair it in any way you see fit to get that perfect sip.

Syrup From favourite flavours like Strawberry and Peach to unique flavours like Lavender and Cupcake, add a burst of flavour to your Sip Soda with one of our signature syrups.

Refreshing, Rich and Flavourful All parts together pair to form the perfect Sip Soda. No matter the combination you choose, we can promise a rich, refreshing and flavourful spin on the sodas you love.

Bringing Dirty Soda to Canadians

Recently popularized throughout the United States via social media, Sip Soda proudly brings Dirty Soda north of the border to provide our fellow Canadians with a unique and refreshing experience.

Proudly Canadian!

We take our civic pride seriously, and if you do too, you’ll be pleased to know that Sip Soda is a Canadian brand!

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